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Customer Support

Hosted Graphite has grown to around 20 people, and our customer base has grown too. We’re now looking for our second dedicated customer support person, to engage with our customers about the issues they encounter and diagnose their technical problems, as well as advocating for them within the company.


You must demonstrate empathy for our customers. When they approach us with issues you must be able to communicate with them that we care about their experiences, as individuals and as a company, and that we’re taking their problems seriously.

You will be expected to work with the other teams in the company to diagnose and solve the issues raised, and over time become knowledgeable in our systems so that you can answer more effectively on your own (though the other teams will always be available to help). You will be involved in educating the customers in using our services, so that they can use it in the future without needing to contact us again. Primarily you’ll use email to communicate with them, but occasionally you may be asked to demonstrate products or discuss best practices in live calls.

You must be an advocate for the customer within the company. Due to the time you will spend getting to know our customers, you’ll be called on to speak on their behalf when we develop new products and services; you’ll help us prioritise fixes and updates, and your input will be sought for wider customer communications such as blog posts.

While you don’t have to have deep technical knowledge to begin with, you will be helping customers with technical queries, so you should have or be able to quickly gain knowledge of the following:

  • How DNS works
  • The differences between TCP and UDP (and why they matter)
  • The basics of using HTTP APIs
  • Reading documentation (for other products and for our own)
  • Diagnosing network/connectivity problems

Some experience with the Linux shell and SSH is necessary, but not to an advanced level. Basic proficiency with a programming language or two would be very helpful for this role as it will give you context when communicating with customers and your developer colleagues. You may need to write a small bit of code to reproduce a customer’s problem. The deeper you can dig into the code to help a customer, the better.

With the new, larger support team, we’ll also be looking to increase the amount of input from support into things like documentation and training materials. Support will be asked to be proactive in looking for ways to help our customers, and your input will be valued and respected.

It’s a bonus if you have experience working in a similar helpdesk/technical customer support role, but if not we’re happy to train you.


We are a small company currently maturing from a purely-tech business to a fully fleshed out enterprise, including sales, marketing and a developed support team. Our main product is still technical however, and we want to ensure that as we grow we’re able to maintain a smooth onboarding experience and continued good-will from our customers.

Providing up-front help to ensure our users are getting good value from our service is a big focus for us – we like to make them happy. We want to build a Support team that will be the face of the product for new customers, and also will ensure that the future needs of customers are met.

It’s not uncommon for a support ticket to include screenshots, log entries or error messages, and a theory about what’s going wrong. We understand that some of these requests need deep investigation and a good understanding of the product and the backend systems that power it. We’ll teach you this, and we’ll teach you to be an expert on our product and server/application/”cloud” monitoring in general.

There’ll be no shortage of assistance in the long term as well, especially on the trickier problems. Everyone in the company, from founders to interns, gets involved with support requests and you can escalate/bring in help whenever you need it.

This is a customer support role you can definitely feel good about – you will have a direct impact on making customers happy and on the growth of the company.

Some of the nice things our customers have said about our support:

“…their support is always *super* responsive & helpful…”

“Just had a really fast and useful response on a support request from [Hosted Graphite]”

“[Hosted Graphite] customer service is just pure joy. Great work!”

“Thanks for the super fast reply, great support!”

Location and hours

While we’re a partially remote team, our office is in Dublin, Ireland and we’d like you to be there with most of the team. We have a bright, spacious office on South William Street in the city centre with many good lunch and transport options nearby.

Our working hours are typically 1000-1800, but it varies by person. Once you’ve settled in you’ll have the opportunity to work from home regularly.


A competitive salary. 25 days of paid holiday, plus the usual 9 public holidays.

Health insurance for you and your family.

We provide a company laptop, typically a Macbook Air, but the brand/model is up for discussion.